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Naruto is an Anbu!

Naruto is an Anbu!

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Smitty By snsmith116 Updated Jan 02

Naruto was a lot stronger than he lets on.
He is Kitsune, the Anbu captain with a reputation of his extreme solo missions.
Kitsune is an assassin, specially trained to not bat an eye while killing his victim.
Naruto is the dead last prankster at the academy. What happens when his mask just drops...

RedStrom RedStrom Jun 05
Jounin or Jōnin.. but if you lazy.. you can write Jonin.. Same like Chuunin.. You can write Chūnin or Chunin..  😂😂
the hokage wouldn't know the kyuubi's real name.  kyuubi told naruto first before anyone (excluding the ridoku sennin,) even knew he had one.
YainneMln YainneMln May 19
I know who answer that, because they are very very very VERY STUPID or they are blind or they have no common sense!
Hokage: You'll be using the name Naruto. Kitsune: But my name is already Naruto.
Actually its both way because America spelled it jounin while japan they spell it jonin.  So both.
-raises hand- I haven't been corrupted by Wattpad yet...jk everybodies been corrupted by this app