Thinking About You • MLB

Thinking About You • MLB

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Laurel By SimplyMiraculousMe Completed

"So even if you forget about me, 
I'll always be thinking about you."

Adrien and Marinette missed the warning. They got swooped off their feet by the storm. They were unbalanced in their relationship, too afraid to take a small step forward, worried that they would ruin everything by doing so. But too late, they already did.

Marinette kissed her ex boyfriend, Nathaniel. Adrien was outraged and slept with Chloe. And in between all this chaos, they have a baby girl on the way. How in the world are they going to fix all this? 

Well, the story unravels when you read it.

If you do this Adrien, I will slap the schnitzel out of you!
Fire_flight Fire_flight Mar 28
ADRIEN! IF YOU HOOK UP WITH CHLOE I WILL SLAM YOUR FACE INTO A WALL! I'm crying right now! Why do I do this to myself?!
Me: *passes out*
                              Mom and Dad: Oh my god, what happened to her!
                              Sister: she's probably still reading fanfic
Adrien, you have to talk through these things, not just storm out
I'm making that one face that baby made when he tried the lemon
OML no no  no no no no no nope it's not happening to me😭😭😭😭 NO😭😭😭😭😭😭