The Seven Mafia Princesses (Grim Reapers)

The Seven Mafia Princesses (Grim Reapers)

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- A L E G N A - By _bloowielayZ Updated Sep 16, 2017

They are the Mafia heiresses/princesses, they're  want a justice for their parents who's death a years ago, while there still finding their justice, they didn't know that like they, they are a Mafia prince's  who are also want a justice for their parents like they,they're also death a year ago....
What if one day they will meet each other? If it's possible that they're destined  to help each other to find their justice for their parents? Or they are the destined for their love???

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LiskookSaranghae LiskookSaranghae May 28, 2017
Hi ateee! Ahmmm.. una pa lang na encounter ko... masaya toooo! Kasii.. mahilig ako sa actions ng slightt!!!
EmelynMarieOtida EmelynMarieOtida Jun 03, 2017
Ms.A sino-sino po yung mga characters,,,pwede malaman...Thank you...Loveyou...
Altiyyyaa Altiyyyaa Apr 30, 2017
Pwede po bang pasabi kung sino talaga sila di ko maalam eh..thanks
marycls_ marycls_ Jun 05, 2017
Sino sino sila otor? Sino po si jennie, si jihyo, si momo, at yung iba pa po. Sino yung gagampanan nilang role sa story? Para mabilis masaulo. Thank youu
the8sssiii the8sssiii Dec 04, 2017
Natawa naman ako kay Author... May purple na may violet pa hahaha..
shinirara shinirara Oct 26, 2016
I like you na.....  Sabagay, favorite ko din namn ang color Blue...
                              Go! Blue!! 
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                              Go!! Crimson!!