You and Me, Always and Forever

You and Me, Always and Forever

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Sakura_Haruno16 By Sakura_Haruno16 Updated Nov 02

Sasuke and Sakura were childhood friends. That is until she had to move to Suna, but they always kept in touch once in while. 3 years later she comes back to Konoha and surprises him at his High School that she too will attend. Lies are told. Heartbreaks are made. Jealousy builds. Drama happens. Love and Hatred forms. Fangirls and Fanboys on every turn. Basically anything can happen, but Sasuke and Sakura always stuck with each other, side by side. Will these 2 learn to fall in love or have they fallen for each other already?

Read to find out!

SasuSaku is the main Pairing plus minor ones!

I don't own Naruto! Hinata-chan does!

Before I started I have to say the description was funny at the end. Hinata owns Naruto that made me laugh.
Animefan547 Animefan547 Aug 19
Awww this was a really good chapter. I mean hello, THEY MET! *FANGIRLING RIGHT NOW*
OMG I AM crying right now. It was so sad , sweet , & rlly rlly Kawaii
holy shiz! holy shiz! holy shiz! holy shiz! 
                              hOOOlYY shIIzzZ!!! 
                              ohmYGoOdnESs!! that's so awesome Nessa-nee!!!!