Zane x Reader

Zane x Reader

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ZombeyQuinn By ZombeyQuinn Updated a day ago

Hey you! Yes you!

I update EVERY Tuesday ;)

And I also make x Readers.

And I accept requests.

And holy SHITE am I getting close to 15k, like guys, I feel famous enough with my Garroth x Reader.

But I love you <3

(I do not own any of the characters, they all belong to Aphmau~Senpai)

@ArtistMochi hey Khloe GFYWAC cause you got garroth while I got my little cupcake zane
Hey Zane? Can u give me the D?
                              And by D I mean death
He give me the really face
                              *pulls out knife*
                              Really honey say no your dead
Loser500860 Loser500860 Nov 15, 2016
Evan what are you doing in this story haven't seen you in ages
It's funny cause in every time this happens in a story (7 minutes in heaven) the two people end up becoming a thing! Thank you for adding that~
InsanityStays InsanityStays Oct 05, 2016
Now i just imagine zane slamming a door and moaning really loudly XD