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G-EAZY By -princessdolan Updated Dec 17, 2016

♡ hush little fangirls don't you cry, dolan twins gonna f.uck yo c.unt till ya die. ♡ 
                                          - a crazy book of emotions written by yo fellow babe ; hanna . 
                                          © -princessdolan .

-lovingDallas -lovingDallas Nov 14, 2016
wait can we at least get the food then you can be mad all you want. i'm not a happy camper when i'm hungry
dolanandfood dolanandfood Nov 12, 2016
This is so funny cuz I actually have a best friend named Isaac . 😂
-lovingDallas -lovingDallas Nov 14, 2016
grayson, babe i love you but i love food maybe even more so let me go
cookiedolanss cookiedolanss Nov 23, 2016
I don't know any one named Isaac except when I was in the fifth grade there was a boy named Isaac and be cut my hair with scissors and I threw a wooden chair at him...
futurewifemendes futurewifemendes Sep 04, 2016
You haven't even started writing yet and i'm already in love with book 2