The Nerds Secret

The Nerds Secret

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Love_it1302 By Love_it1302 Updated Aug 21, 2016

Nicole Hart is the nerd of her school. Constantly bullied. She doesn't mind being bullied. Of course it hurts but she is used to it. She loves school, but that isn't the reason she acts and dresses like a nerd. Outside of school she is a whole different person. Her real self. She doesn't let people in because she doesn't want them to get hurt or hate her even more. 

Jacob Bailey is the schools badboy. He is tough and gets what he wants. He drinks, fights, sleeps around, and parties nonstop. He's hot and cocky. He is what boys want to be and what gets lust for. In his mind he is living the badboy dream. But everyone has secrets. 

What happens when the badboy decides to go for a car race one night and spots the nerd? Will he ignore her and act like he never saw her or will he pry and try to get to the bottom of her 2nd life?

(Mature language and sexual content)

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