T & A (Book III: Player's Chronicles)

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thetis27 By thetis27 Updated 3 years ago
T and A, what does that stand for a teenage boy? If you know what it is, I bet they can easily say "blame the hormones". But really, is that what T and A stand for Tristan Ashburn? Find out in his tale...
please update.............. it's been two months since I've read this one, until now there's no update.. update!update! :-)
Thanks for putting the third one up(: Hope it continues to be written!(:
I really liked the book... I know there are less reads because many people don't even know about it!!!
I love that the A could be Avery or Angelina or some mystery person we don't know yet can't wait to read more and see where this story takes me
sorry for taking a while to read an vomment been busy with the holidays...I see you couldn't wait to get the Ashburns back....I like it so far and I think it will be interesting with Tristan grown up and doing his own thing and awww how sad grandma Jules died
Great story so far. I am so happy that Kyle and Cricket stayed together. You are a great writer, keep it coming!!