i melt you down like ice cream

i melt you down like ice cream

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[Frerard AU]

Frank loves ice cream more than anything 
and one day he meets someone who is just as sweet as ice cream tastes. 

[Trigger warnings: BDD, Eating disorders]

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imissRyRo imissRyRo Mar 16
Is it sad that I actually have thought about who would take who's name or if they would put them together if they were to actually get married? My friend and I both think Gerard Iero sounds the best.
Me with band merch
                              So this is why I’m always broke... dang... I need to stop buying so much band merch...
                              OH FUHK IT
imissRyRo imissRyRo Mar 16
Me. Except I realise it makes me fat, get sad about it, and I continue to eat my feelings. Then I just cryyyyy
imissRyRo imissRyRo Mar 16
Chubby frank makes me happy and makes me squeal because he was adorable. He still is even though he's less chubby. He's adorable no matter how much he weighs tbh.
chubby frank is my favourite frank, change my mind 🤷🏽‍♀️
every time someone says italian i just think of my friend that’s like 1/16th italian but always plays it up