i melt you down like ice cream

i melt you down like ice cream

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[Frerard AU]

Frank loves ice cream more than anything 
and one day he meets someone who is just as sweet as ice cream tastes. 

[Trigger warnings: BDD, Eating disorders]

I know what ya mean. I was real chubby a year ago, and got made fun of constantly. I lost a lot of weight but I still have a little bit of a stomach and my thighs touch and are fat but eh
                              *sighs* This is a Frerard Fic, you should know better
Me everyday.
                              Then I eat a box of Oreos. 
                              My mom stopped buying Oreos because she said I was gonna get fat.
Bitch if I'm a 10/10 and lemme tell you Frankie you are 1000000/10
Me debating whether or not I should eat something fattening. 
                              In case you're wondering, yeah, I end up eating the whole cake.
Me with my candy. 
                              I'm fûcking addicted, it's not even a joke.