i melt you down like ice cream

i melt you down like ice cream

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[Frerard AU]

Frank loves ice cream more than anything 
and one day he meets someone who is just as sweet as ice cream tastes. 

[Trigger warnings: BDD, Eating disorders]

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imissRyRo imissRyRo Mar 16
Lying makes you go to hell
                              Mama we all go to hell
K-Pop_Consumed_Me K-Pop_Consumed_Me Nov 12, 2017
I feel like a six out of ten
                              I gotta get up early tomorrow again
                              Anyone? Dodie Clark?
this is sounding i little obsessive here frank... kinda freaky
stickcheese66 stickcheese66 Nov 20, 2017
I'd just eat the ice cream my dad buys since I don't wanna go outside and get anxiety buying things sometimes ;-;
imissRyRo imissRyRo Mar 16
Is it sad that I actually have thought about who would take who's name or if they would put them together if they were to actually get married? My friend and I both think Gerard Iero sounds the best.
imissRyRo imissRyRo Mar 16
Me. Except I realise it makes me fat, get sad about it, and I continue to eat my feelings. Then I just cryyyyy