Endgame (Scömìche)

Endgame (Scömìche)

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Ehcimocs By Ehcimocs Updated Dec 26, 2016

A Scömìche romance 

"So why then?" Scott asks quietly.

"Why what?" Mitch replies, frowning, the question seemingly out of context. 

"Why aren't we together?"

An unashamedly fluffy story with a big ol' whack of smut and a smidge of angst for good measure.

This originally started as a one-shot; Clarity. Shout out to all you gorgeous peeps who commented and enthused me to write more. A modified version of that oneshot (with extra smut, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) is now chapter 1 &  the short story TLC is also part of the same timeline).

I'll stick warnings on each chapter, but safe to assume that the whole thing is a bit sweary and NSFW. Oo-er.

There's no update shedule; I'm a mom with a full time job, so goodness only knows when I'm going to find time to actually write this... That being said, I am totally obsessed with these boys and have recently discovered that I adore writing. So there's hope! Fingers crossed that sleep deprivation and caffeination leads to inspiration!

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SteCuby SteCuby May 11
I can see something like this happening now (a year later?!) too. So much.
- - Jun 07
i feel like this story is getting better every time i reread it 🙊💜
SteCuby SteCuby Oct 03
He's been slacking off... I think they might truly have had that talk
Read this again today.  I love you and that picture so much xx
SteCuby SteCuby May 11
This is so good ;_____; 
                              (Hi, yeah, I'm in a re reading spree)
OMG I'm getting so much feels right now I'm litreally trembling with joy