Endgame (Scömìche)

Endgame (Scömìche)

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Ehcimocs By Ehcimocs Updated Dec 26, 2016

A Scömìche romance 

"So why then?" Scott asks quietly.

"Why what?" Mitch replies, frowning, the question seemingly out of context. 

"Why aren't we together?"

An unashamedly fluffy story with a big ol' whack of smut and a smidge of angst for good measure.

This originally started as a one-shot; Clarity. Shout out to all you gorgeous peeps who commented and enthused me to write more. A modified version of that oneshot (with extra smut, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) is now chapter 1 &  the short story TLC is also part of the same timeline).

I'll stick warnings on each chapter, but safe to assume that the whole thing is a bit sweary and NSFW. Oo-er.

There's no update shedule; I'm a mom with a full time job, so goodness only knows when I'm going to find time to actually write this... That being said, I am totally obsessed with these boys and have recently discovered that I adore writing. So there's hope! Fingers crossed that sleep deprivation and caffeination leads to inspiration!

nailzer1273 nailzer1273 Jan 09
OMG I'm getting so much feels right now I'm litreally trembling with joy
Vanay67 Vanay67 Sep 20, 2016
Mitch can be on his knees slowly unzipping Scott's pants and Kevin would walk by with his snapchat account open like "Scomiche Corner!"
GreenerGrassi GreenerGrassi Sep 22, 2016
Rea11002 Rea11002 Oct 29, 2016
I am laughing so hard at this whole chapter so far because I can so see this happening in real life!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Full_time_Fangirls Full_time_Fangirls Dec 01, 2016
Honestly though they would probably be like wow this level of friendship is so strong they would do anything
Radioactive_Baby Radioactive_Baby Dec 16, 2016
Even though it's kind of harsh, I've seen someone comment something on YouTube basically saying "Now that Scolex is over Scömìche can date" literally a week after everyone found out about it.