Trapdoor (a Josh Dun x Reader)

Trapdoor (a Josh Dun x Reader)

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She wakes up early today

Throws on a mask that will alter her face 

Nobody knows her real name

But now she uses one she just saw on a grave

She pretends  She's okay  But you should see...

Her in bed  Late at night, she's petrified

Take, me on

And finish this waste of a life. 

Everyone gather around for a show

And watch as this girl disappears as we know

Do me a favor and try to ignore

As you watch her fall through a blatant trapdoor

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I want to name the random person bich tits what is wrong with me
aircathcer aircathcer May 26
he wakes up early today. throws on a mask that will alter his face.
Ma name is Bob, I saw a dude named Bob at Starbucks or Mcdonalds
Me: *wakes up* 
                              Fanfic: "7:00 am"
                              Me: *boi face*
                              Also Me: *throws covers over head* nope to early
I went to go read this and then trapdoor started playing what
AnarchistOnline AnarchistOnline 6 days ago
shouldn't the title be The josh dun x reader not a josh dun x reader? :d just sayin'