Take My Hand Not My Heart

Take My Hand Not My Heart

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CreuBlue By CreuBlue Updated Mar 30, 2012

( re-written again)

"Some day maybe, I will find that guy, but that should be like five years from now, when I have the time for it--I meant him. The time for him."

Simple yet complicated…that’s how she would explain her life. 

Just like every young person trying to make it in life and go somewhere, Dani is a third year in college who works to balance school and her part-time job. She strives to be a good student, a good friend and good daughter. But, what about a good girlfriend? Nope doesn’t have the time. As if her 11-year-old puppy love experience wasn’t enough to foretell her future with men. 

But what happens when she meets a guy, he likes her and she likes him? It gets complicated just like her relationship with her mother. 

Even though avoiding ‘that’ conversation or ‘that’ confrontation seems like a reasonable answer to Dani, everyone else keeps reminding her of how in denial she is about her “romantic feelings” regarding a certain someone.

Ahhh…its First Love with a twist.

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GothGirl69 GothGirl69 Mar 25, 2012
Brilliant! You created a picture clearly in my head :) You have a good writing style that made me want to read on. Loving the story so far! :-D
GothGirl69 GothGirl69 Mar 25, 2012
I like the way it starts, it gives a clear picture of the main character and it hooks the reader :-)
downandnotout downandnotout Mar 25, 2012
Oh wow. This was really good. The amount of detail was just amazing, it really set the scene which I like! :)
CreuBlue CreuBlue Feb 29, 2012
@TheBubbleBreaker Thanks for checking it out. Your comment means a lot to me, makes writing the sotry all the more enjoyable.
CreuBlue CreuBlue Feb 12, 2012
@littleLo I'll be bringing him back in chapter 6 and the secrets shall unravel.
littleLo littleLo Feb 12, 2012
@timidFire It's excellent!!! You can keep me interested, don't worry :) I'm not sure I like Jake thought, he's a suspiscious fella haha