Our Fate Lays In the Stars (Sans X Reader) [ON HOLD]

Our Fate Lays In the Stars (Sans X Reader) [ON HOLD]

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Kate The Cinnamon Roll By KateTheCinnamonRoll Updated Oct 24

(Y/N), Chara, and Frisk were happy siblings with monsters on the surface. Your Mother was a human named Amanda and your father Ryan. He was a monster, a goat monster. Your mother and father were happy together, so we're you and your siblings. 

After 10 years war broke out between the two races. After a long long battle the humans were victorious and sealed the monsters underground. You, Chara, and Frisk weren't happy about this, especially   since your father died in the war. 

Your mother worked all the time it was up to you to watch your siblings. One day as you three went to the willow tree to pick flowers, and relax and have fun, Chara got curious and ran to the mountain. You couldn't get them back. After time you found Chara dead. You remember a familiar Skeleton boy from a long time ago and see if you can find him Underground, little did you know Frisk was following you.

(Sans x Female reader)

Good chapter! (Im like, the ONLY Fangirl that wasnt sad😹)