Nalu:Stone Age Aftermath

Nalu:Stone Age Aftermath

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This story begins exactly where the omake left us. And while the omake might be over with Lucy just being Natsu's new pet, this story is only beginning to explore what happened after the end credits. Will Lucy and Natsu become friends ,even though males are something completely new to females, or will she choose to run away back to the people she trusts and have known all her life? Find out in Nalu: Stone age aftermath!

A/n: may contain chunks of spiciness ( adult themes) mainly in chapters 12 and 13. (i will warn again in the story since i kinda confused them all)You've been warned.

And with that, please enjoy ^^

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YangXaiLong YangXaiLong Jan 10
I already know im gonna laugh so hard XD 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
eclipseoasis eclipseoasis May 27, 2017
Wow never though tbe even denser natsu would get too dirty minded... XD oh well
Aniko_Onkau Aniko_Onkau Jan 10
Whenever I see 'QAQ' I think the character is saying 'QUACK!'.
Shadow_Queen_101 Shadow_Queen_101 Jun 17, 2017
Yes, how could Lucy reject fish!?!? *sniff* So cruel. The poor fish just waiting to be eaten. THAT'S FOOD CRUELTY MAN!
zoeyukiko14 zoeyukiko14 Jun 18, 2017
Lucy what if you just carry natsu by the help of happy back into the female village what if they could help lucy???
Happy_The_Blue_Cat Happy_The_Blue_Cat Jun 19, 2017
I wish rain could actually purr.... it would be soooooo peaceful. But it's like "HAHHAHHAA LET ME BE AS LOUD AS I WANT TO!"