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Harry Potter Oneshots 路 Requests CLOSED

Harry Potter Oneshots 路 Requests CLOSED

35.2K Reads 847 Votes 33 Part Story
sweet_cinnamonroll By sweet_cinnamonroll Updated Jun 12

Slow updates!!!!
The title says it all. Unfortunately, I don't take requests for the time being. I gotta lot to write at the moment.  And sorry for all the mistakes, since there will be many!

Name: Chloe Page 
                              House: Hufflepuff 
                              Gender: Female 
                              Age/Year: I'm 15, but anywhere from 3rd-5th year
                              Blood-status: Half-Blood
                              Character: Draco Malfoy 
                              Hair: Long, brown and curled
                              Height: 5' 2"
                              Eyes: Brown
                              Personality: Sarcastic but sweet/friendly
                              You can make up the storyline
greenecucumber greenecucumber Nov 09, 2016
Name: Isabella Comptan
                              Character: George Weasley
                              Age/School Year: 15/5th 
                              Other Info:Has a brother his name is Elliot, he is extremely protective, She has straight silver hair. She has magical blue eyes. Extremely Curvy, hot. She's funny, and outgoing she's sassy and is smart.
Name: Amia Granger
                              House: Ravenclaw
                              Charecter: Draco Malfoy
                              Age: 15 5th year
                              Visual Traits: Long straight black hair and black eyes. Fair skinned and shortish like 5'2 or watevs
                              Personality: Shy, smart, sensitive, kind and caring, sassy(sometimes), loyal and kinda protective.
Name: Haylei
                              House: Hufflepuff
                              Gender: Female
                              Age: 7th year 
                              Bloodline: Muggle-born
                              Character: George Weasley
                              Storyline: Whatever you want but preferably fluffy and cute :)
                              Hair: Dark Brown, wavy, mid-back length 
                              Height: 5'2"
                              Eyes: Brown
                              Personality: Sassy, sarcastic, but also sweet/nice
SpooperSquilt SpooperSquilt Oct 03, 2016
Name: Florence DeCosta
                              House: Slytherin
                              Character:Seamus Finnigan 
                              Age/Year: 15 (5th year)
                              Info: Slytherin Beater, Very confident and Mischevious, sometimes flirty. 
                              Storyline: Idk???
WeasleyTwinsDidThat WeasleyTwinsDidThat Oct 17, 2016
Name: Ella White
                              House: Slytherin
                              Year: Same as Golden Trio in 5TH Year
                              Character: Fred Weasley
                              Info: Slytherin Beater, very tomboyish, super nice for a Slytherin, muggle born
                              Plot: Whatever you like!