The Vampire's Soul Mate [Life In The Darkness Series: Part 1] #Wattys2016

The Vampire's Soul Mate [Life In The Darkness Series: Part 1] #Wattys2016

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Avantika Sharma By AvantiR Updated Apr 10

There was this thing going on between Hell and Heaven, Ruling and Conquering.

But to make that possible for either of them there is a big loss, Heaven or Hell.

And there is a always a thin line between them that keeps them apart from pulling themselves on ground.

That is the Vampire King and his Soulmate Angel. Neither she is innocent nor he is a killer. But both are lethal to fight along.

Look upto this story of Vampire's Soulmate, is she ready to face the world? Is she ready to save the world from falling apart? Or is she just going to mess things up even more?

-Hoemophobic- -Hoemophobic- Aug 22, 2016
Same but stalking Francicso Lachowski everywhere doesn't count right?
rickrodan1000p rickrodan1000p Aug 22, 2016
Soo. This is a conversation she doesn't have face to face but leaves a note?
I can't get lonely. I haven't left my house in months yet i'm not lonely yet.
SharoPolak SharoPolak Oct 10, 2016
The story is good however some of the language could be left out.  By all means use the verbage that yu want, but that puts a little smudge on an otherwise good story.
AvantiR AvantiR Aug 22, 2016
Im not a professional... :) Give me some thoughts so that I can change these mistakes... I will be glad..
CarelessHappiness CarelessHappiness Aug 21, 2016
Great story so far and awesome ideas. All I have to say is be careful with your grammar errors.