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The first part from The Elements series.

Meet Shadow Renoir. She's in her last year in high school and she's one of those kid you see in the hallway, but you never talked to them and you know nothing about except the fact that she can beat the crap out of you. That's the only thing the whole school knows about her after she decided that she had enough of their bulling and beat the school's football star. Now, she's what you call the lone wolf and she wants nothing more than to finish high school without any major problems or drama, but things take a major turn after a school trip during the Biology class. What happens when you go from being the awkward lonely kid to being part of another dimension and having to stop an ancient war? Will you fight for what you believe in or are going to get stuck in the drama and the expectations everyone has? 

{WARNING}: This book contains strong language along with dark themes and violent scenes. Grammar mistakes are also present. Read at your own risk.
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What I don’t understand is how they hate teenagers when they were teens once
That’s cool but I lost every race as as a kid 😁 I’m lucky to be one of the slowest (mentally and physically) in school
At least you don’t have it late in the day🙄 last year, I had it last period and I could not pay attention at all and I’m already terrible at math 😂
That’s me. My few friends tell me that when they talk about me, no one knows who I am😂
Shadow is a badass name... like at first you think it's kinda weird but then it just becomes appealing... it's not as weird as the name Nebraska and it's a rare name... is it just me that really likes this name
Same and I'm crying because tommarow is the last day if summer 😭😭😭😭🤧🤧😔😔😖😖😫😫😫