Partners?! (Septiplier) [COMPLETED]

Partners?! (Septiplier) [COMPLETED]

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Nun By Danti_Lover Completed

Officer Fischbach, the good cop, top of his class and always protecting the city of L.A. and making it good.

Jack, the bad boy, a smoker and dealer, not a citizen of the United States, always in trouble frequently.

What happens when Mark arrests Jack and later has to investigate on a case that has Jack as a witness?

Warning: kinky, cursing, and adorable shit happening between Mark and Jack, etc. (Horrible description...)


  • adorable
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You missed some... Well most
                              You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will he appointed to you
Shadowghostjack Shadowghostjack Dec 01, 2017
It is ok no one is judging you on how your write the story it is your story not their so just keep up writing amazing story's
XxS4mmyxX18 XxS4mmyxX18 Feb 12
It's like on the M1 the coppers sit on the strip in the middle where it's like dirt and u can pass either side
ElixTheAlien ElixTheAlien Aug 24, 2017
Maybe because he is actually a wanted criminal and breaks out of jail all the time? 030
Please don't make her act like a bitch here 'cuz I can't see myself hating her ;-; I really can't
Derpy_Cookie21 Derpy_Cookie21 Aug 19, 2017
Life is fun in any and every way........ I have no idea what I just said.,😂😐😂