Anime Male Characters X Male Reader | Slow Updates

Anime Male Characters X Male Reader | Slow Updates

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♡TodoShinDeku♡ By _Shinsou_Hitoshi_ Updated Jan 12

The Title Says It All 

| Requests: Closed |

| Expect Slow Updates |

| Anime's To Request So It'll Make My Life Easier:

°Hamatora The Animation°

°Kuroko No Basket°

°Boku No Hero Academia°

°Attack On Titan°

°Tokyo Ghoul°

°Naruto Shippuden°



°Hunter X Hunter°

°Parasyte: The Maximum°

°Sereph Of The End°

°Yu Gi Oh (The Original, And Some (Not All) Of The Newer Versions.)° |

《This book belongs to me, and if you find it on any other website, then it has been stolen》

[[Warning- This fan fiction (Or each chapter), involves everything from mature scenes to maybe triggering scenes. Viewer Descretion Is Advised.]]

{{Disclaimer - I own none of the anime's I use for this fan fiction. I do not own the characters I use for this fan fiction. I do not own the cover, any pictures, or music I might use. I only own the plot for this book(AKA, each chapter.) Everything else is owned by the original creators.}}

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ShinyKyu ShinyKyu Apr 25, 2017
This is actual cringe but I'd like to request Onceler x Male Reader
Skullcrossbone Skullcrossbone Dec 26, 2016
Uh could you please do a Karneval seme Yogi X Neko uke male reader?
moons-stars moons-stars Dec 26, 2016
Would it be possible for you to do a Cheating! Player! Kuroko x Dying! Depressed! Male! Reader?
ValeskaPacheco ValeskaPacheco Sep 05, 2016
Seme male reader x Naruto and Minato
                              Like well, Kushina died like The story but Minano not, later he and Naruto both of them fell un love with The same male :B   ... If you want .  can you do a Lemon please? Thanks for reading this!!!
pawzzle pawzzle Dec 11, 2016
Jimmy Nuetron x Autistic Reader (i'm autistic so it would be a really nice touch)
EmoWolfy666 EmoWolfy666 Oct 23, 2016
Yandere Kurama was great!!! Can you make a part 2 where the reader wakes up in his chamber and he's in fox form throughout the whole thing? Also, like before, can you have him wrap his tails around the reader, but while he's in Fox form