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Boboiboy Sibling Truth Or Dare

Boboiboy Sibling Truth Or Dare

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BJC-BILLY JOE COBRA By -_Boboiboy_Cyclone_- Updated Nov 28, 2016

Hey I'm back with another randomness here and this time its the Boboiboy siblings turn!!
Cyclone:Why are we in this again
Thunder:I don't care as long as I'm with you
Thunderstorm:Shut up Quake!!!*blushes*Your with Fang!!
Fang:The hell I'm doing here?
Blaze:Ice oh my gosh don't sleep here!!
Ice:I can sleep whenever I want to blaze shut up and don't disturb me*sleeps*
Me:But still well no matter that's all and I really love this shippings especially thunclone!Love it so much!!!
Thunder and Cyclone:*blushes*Why don't you take your fangirling to Tholar!!
Solar:Why are we getting involve
Ana:You two are also cute together!!
Dare them guys!!please!!
Elemental brothers:Please just questions!!

RhearaOrhea246 RhearaOrhea246 Nov 06, 2016
Me: OMG, Thundy kissed Cy-Cy?! Finally my OTP!!!
                              Thunderstorm: Oi! Don't call me Thundy!
                              Me: Sorry!
adynasofea adynasofea Dec 26, 2016
Quake: Thundy! Language!!!
                              Thunder: Why everybody always call me Thundy? It's Thunder! Not Thundy! And don't call me Thundy - Monster!
                              Quake: Alright alright... *turn
lovelycute2004 lovelycute2004 Aug 14, 2016
Wow I think that I have a dare again:
                              I dare BBB thunderstorm and cyclone play "Seven minutes in heaven". Let see how they can face this dare
lovelycute2004 lovelycute2004 Aug 22, 2016
Lisa thundclone and blice: just same like Quake and Faye
                              Lisa Quake and Faye: No,we aren't!!!
Aquarius_Adressa Aquarius_Adressa Dec 18, 2016
nah they should just wait in the room while letting the others imagen with their minds
lovelycute2004 lovelycute2004 Aug 14, 2016
Me: HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT I'M ONE HELL OF A DEVIL!!! *change to moonlight thunderstorm takes out the death thunder scythe and try to kill bbb thunderstorm*