Lucifer's Angel

Lucifer's Angel

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Ivory Somerhalder By Ivory_Somerhalder Updated Feb 22, 2017

Snow Parker acted like a grown up women when she was just twenty two years old. Her age desired her to go out and party and have fun or what not but she was stuck at home trying to survive the last year of her college and managing a house with her two siblings who were looking up to her. 

Snow never made friends as she felt it was nothing but more burden on her shoulders. Every single day she have to survive her father's ruthlessness and the burden of two younger siblings. She was as naive as anyone could be. 

Lucifer Black was know as the 'The Devil's King'. His name was enough to make a person shit in his pants. He was just as his name described him. Feelings was never a thing for him. He took what he wanted and anybody who comes in between will have to face hell. 

Lucifer have his own dark secrets which are better kept secret. He have scars but nobody knows the story behind them. He was quiet but nobody heard his screams. 

What will happen when Snow and Lucifer cross each others path? Will they collide? Or will there be a war?

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nonie_98 nonie_98 Apr 21
Ethan is 2 years old, wearing a diaper && drinking warm milk .... 😕
TheVeiledEyes TheVeiledEyes Aug 27, 2017
Makeup is but an art,  the face is a canvas and the makeup is paint💜 
                              Seriously her eyebrows though, I don't think I'll ever be able to get mine right so I leave them natural or just pencil them in with a blonde pencil😂
Ha!😁😂😂 good Ethan *pats him on the head* 😂😂😂
Nicolita_ Nicolita_ May 18, 2017
Its a problem in our society yet people do not find it alarming where a lot of men but not all, abandon or do not take responsibility to caree and raise their children. It is not only a woman's role to raise the children but men too.
ethereal66 ethereal66 Aug 14, 2016
I want you to continue both of far as I've read the description both of them sounds really interesting to me.
7username 7username Jan 09, 2017
why doesn't he hire a babysitter than? they have the money fır it??