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Just Be You, Baby♥

Just Be You, Baby♥

4K Reads 283 Votes 12 Part Story
Mom By XxDestielLordxX Updated Jan 29

It's got some pretty smutty shit so for all you fan girls thirsty for some destiel smut this is your kinda fic. Yeah I'm looking at you, the ones who are currently pulling an all nighter. I got you fam because [!!SPOILER ALERT!!] this one doesn't end sad. 
•Top!Dean & Top!Cas
•Rough sex (tying, hickeys, and in public(; )
•Badboy!Dean & 'Innocent'!Cas
please enjoy, my peanut butter rolls but if you have a nut allergy you can be my pizza rolls.
×Effie (You may call me daddy,master, or mommy)

Lilith_rey Lilith_rey Mar 27
Dämn! That hit VERY close to home! JD CAN SUCK A DÏCKO!!!!!
MegladonLizConkshell MegladonLizConkshell Dec 17, 2016
Are you a dude?is it rude for me to ask? I just want to know what I can refer to you as because either way, you're awesome! This might've been short, but this seems like a pretty long one, and you do well explaining the scenes in your writing.
horanT_hood horanT_hood Dec 02, 2016
Everytime I see the word "lies" now I just picture the lady from ahs saying LIIIEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS and it gives me life 😂😂
cattheneko cattheneko Oct 25, 2016
You remind me of one of my best friends, dearest author XD I love this already <3
Johnlock_Trashhhh Johnlock_Trashhhh Nov 18, 2016
You'll be back 
                              Soon you'll see
                              You'll remember you belong to me
                              (No one from the fandom? Ok...)
potatogirl00 potatogirl00 Aug 27, 2016
i love the author's note and i love fluff so some of that would be great too