Bleeding Demons: The Dark Bloods - Book III

Bleeding Demons: The Dark Bloods - Book III

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Lady By Lady_Lucia Updated Aug 08, 2017

Demon World has a bloody past. It holds the initial tides to the demonic civil war, and the parts that were played by each demon. It is what started the slow erosion of the balance between all. 

The human world and the demon world have started to collapse. A new king and a new queen must be appointed if there is any hope in repairing the two worlds, but without a female Dark Blood there is only confusion and debate. Adding to the strain is the disagreement between Lys and Umbra, one that is short lived when Lys comes to the conclusion that in order to save the balance, all must be destroyed and renewed.

When the lines between humans, demons, and spirits blur, what happens in its wake determines the definition of existence itself.

Cover by @x_Luminous_x

  • action
  • apocalypse
  • blood
  • death
  • demons
  • magic
  • romance
  • spirits
  • supernatural
Virtual_reality_1 Virtual_reality_1 Dec 05, 2016
OMG I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT REYNA... AS MUCH AS I LIKE U ALERIC.. (i always like him fir some reason)
AtomicToaster AtomicToaster Jul 08, 2015
Oh man, @Lady_Lucia that is some sick cover.  Congratulations on reaching the third book in the series! I haven't spoken to you in like, forever. You've probably forgotten me, who knows! XD
zombielizz zombielizz Oct 02, 2014
Loved your books!! The dark bloods series is amazing i would love to own them one day ♡.♡ read trough both books in a week each cause you knw had to wrk and stuff lol
Cruelella Cruelella May 17, 2014
I really enjoy this story. I have been an avid reader since I was a young teen and I really think you should publish these books!!! I would totally buy them.
Darkdragon728 Darkdragon728 May 11, 2014
I wonder if the current Umbra and Lys can take the role of being the Dark Blood queen and king, and Reyna becomes Lys while Ram becomes Umbra- but, aren't the current Lys and Umbra dead/spirits, making them unable to take the position?
                              (sorry, thinking out loud :P)
Darkdragon728 Darkdragon728 May 11, 2014
Im already forgot, but which one is which- Umbra is dark and Lys is sort of like light or is it the other way around? Can't wait to see what happens though :D