The Queen of Storms (GOT fanfic)

The Queen of Storms (GOT fanfic)

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K Y L I E T R A By FemmeFatale18 Updated Mar 30

"I am many things, a widow, a daughter, a princess, a queen. But that isn't who I am. I am a storm that you should not want to meet. I am the queen of storms."

Part of the "Tribulation" book series.

Queen of Storms (Book 1-7)

Devotion (Act 1-?)

Hidden (TBA)

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                              Killian ThE OnE HaNdEd PiRaTe WiTh A DrInKiNg PrObLeM 
                              Kay imma leave now bai
I dont like her (No offense to the actress but in Reign I think that she is just a big fat b.itch....SHE STOLE FRANCIS FRRROOOMMM MARY!!!!!) 
                              Kay I promise im going to leave now
I'm going to read this again, because I can't remember what happens
Where is the book? I was just in the middle of it and it's gone 😭😭😭