The Queen of Storms (GOT fanfic)

The Queen of Storms (GOT fanfic)

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Kyliene Robles By FemmeFatale18 Updated 2 days ago

"What do you bring?" Asked the man in front of her, dressed in his battle armor. "Your dresses and your bloody smiles? The petty fury?"

Joanna Baratheon does not accept insults, she was the blood of the lion and the stag, once the wife of the wolf and the golden griffin and no one insults thw hyrbid. She chuckled harshly as the man glared at her.

"What is so funny, Baratheon whore?"

"Petty fury?" She asked him as she  smirked at him. "The fury that I bring? It is my fury. The fury that will wipe out everyrhing you hold dear and more, beware the Queen of Storms."

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