Forever Lucky(Sequel to Mine and Yours)

Forever Lucky(Sequel to Mine and Yours)

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"Get me out of here!" I shouted pulling even harder. "Somebody!" I screamed even louder and Rick and Damien came in. "What happened?!" Damien says with his eyes widened. "I don't know! I woke up and found myself handcuffed to the couch!" I began to sob pulling even more. The boys tried to help me but it only opened with a key. 

"Oh my, what happened here?" We looked up and see Scotty eating a pop-tart. Acting as if he didn't know what was going on. 

"Did you know about this?!" Rick says almost yelling. Scotty shook his head. "Need some help?" He lifted up the keys with a smile. 

"You did this?" Damien said uneasy. Rick held my hands staring at Scotty in pure terror. 

"Guilty." He laughed leaning against the wall. "Why would you do this to her?!" He shrugged his shoulders, "Give us the key, Scotty." Rick gritted. Scotty walked over to the kitchen and the boys followed. The kitchen had a little window so I had full view of it. He dropped the keys in the blender and turned it on. 

"Oops." Me and Scotty made eye contact. He jumped over the window grabbing my shirt collar and slapped me over and over again. Rick and Damien yelled which they pulled him off of me. "Let go of me! Let go!" He shouted jumping back on me. Damien grabbed him before he can do anything. 

"I hate you! You did this to me! You did this to me! Ah!" Rick grunted dragging him away. Damien hugged me tightly as I heard faint screaming. 

My brother turned into a monster...

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