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20.6K Reads 669 Votes 18 Part Story
Monami By Tzuminatozaki Updated Jun 02

Drabbles & One-shots (Satzu only)
  #18: Happy SaTzu Day - Sana makes a mistake |
  #17: Things Changed - Sana's feelings |
  #16: Days Like This... - Tzuyu's feelings |
  #15: Believe Me! - No one believes Tzuyu is Sana's girlfriend |
  #14: Why Can't I? - Sana is jealous of Tzuyu and Elkie's nails |
  #13: Mission: Date - Tzuyu and Sana go on a date secretly |
  #12: She Knew It Too?: Sana likes the new girl |
  #11: Something New: Tzuyu is sick and Sana takes care of her |
  #10: Is Your Father A Baker?: Sana and Tzuyu's first meeting |
  #9: Are You Serious?: Tzuyu doesn't like Sana's name |
  #8: Success Or Murder?: Tzuyu is worried about Sana's weight loss |
  #7: Will They, Will They Not?: Sana meets Tzuyu's parents |
  #6: My Type: Sana gets jealous about the attention Tzuyu is getting |
  #5: International Opposite Day: Confusion over a confession |
  #4: I'll Apologise Over and Over Again: Tzuyu feels left out from the group (slightly angsty) |
  #3: My Warmth: Tzuyu wants to propose to Sana |
  #2: Felt So Perfect:  Sana and Tzuyu meet by accident when their parents set them up for different blind dates |
  #1: Fear Of Losing You: Tzuyu doesn't do well with Sana & Dahyun's relationship |

Full credits to chanyeole, the author of these stories

Tzuyu is jealous because of Sana, sana and dahyun is so sweet
babyziam babyziam Mar 03
why is this book exactly like twicetastic's "SaTzuration ; a one shot and drabble collection" on asianfanfics??