The Salvatore Sister (Slow updates)

The Salvatore Sister (Slow updates)

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Moccachoca By moccachoca Updated Mar 05

Hi I'm sharia Salvatore I'm 169 years of age stuck in a 17 year olds body and I am a hybrid half witch half vampire

It is impossible right when you go into transition you have to choose between magic and Immortality but for  now that's not the case

when I was five I discovered I was a witch from my mother 

She told me all the other supernatural creatures that lark in the night 

but the way she taught me was in story's to hide the fact from my father 

She told me that they are not all bad as she once fell in love with one  

she also told me that a Salvatore witch was the most powerful witch in the world even better then the Bennett blood line

I lost my focus when I reached the age of 10 when my mother had passed away 

they all said she died of sickness but that was not the real reason she would always sneak of with her love a vampire love 

his name was Joshua I meet him a couple of times he was really nice my brothers new of this to

Once she made a daylight ring for him they went out freely well freely enough, 

But the real reason she died is because josh was about to get staked and she sided with him instead of my father this resulted in her death as well as Joshua's 

This left me with the responsibility of the last Salvatore witch

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