Sequel: Pastel [Taekook]

Sequel: Pastel [Taekook]

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Sequel to: Cold Feet


„I was wearing a pale blue jumper, that seemed to slip off my shoulders as it was greatly oversized. A pair of white ripped jeans to accompany it. I didn't know why, but pastel seemed to be the only kind of clothing I could find. A new outfit appearing in my closet each day. Each being some form of pastel. I wore it without complaint, for I was just happy I got to change my clothes each day"

God that port boy did go through a lot of pain please don't tell me he has to go through more, and yes Jungkook and Jimin suffered but they had 10 years. Hasn't time made things a bit easier or non at all???
Is it really just me. Is Jimin right or taehyung. Do I still hate him or forgive him
_puggle-wuggle_ _puggle-wuggle_ 2 days ago
                              S TO THE A TO THE V TO THE AGE
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But I know what he did and god it was more than bad but poor taehyungie, he also needs someone and forgiveness. Hasn't what he already went through been enough to forgive him.
MCRC2003 MCRC2003 Aug 20
I literally want to become friends with you. So we can make the most spine chilling (in a good way), emotionally wrecking, heartbreaking, and sort of evil (at times) fanfictions ever
I hope Jiminie and kookie would at-least hear the poor boy out... OKAY MAYBE NOT JUNGKOOK~ sense he is probably still  traumatized ~~ aghh  I just don't know