Opposites Attract - A TravLyn FanFiction

Opposites Attract - A TravLyn FanFiction

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《 She's everything I want to be: Normal. 

She's beautiful, sporty and kind of aggressive... 

And I'm attracted to her. But we can't be together. We're polar opposites. 》


Meet your everyday model; Travis Valcrum. He's perfect, he has pretty much everything given to him because of his stunningly amazing looks... But then he meets Katelyn Dragofire, otherwise known as Katelyn the Fire Fist; an imperfect martial artist, who likes to punch anyone and anything that gets in her way. When they eventually meet, both lives take an unexpected turn into romance lane.

Although it was simple: She hated him and he was crazy about her. 

They're complete opposites. But I guess you could say 'Opposites Attract'.

And, oh boy, ain't they opposites.

//Travis is a flirty casanova in this book, unlike Aphmau's series (Phoenix Drop High on Youtube)where Travis is a shy schoolboy who doesn't flirt until he gets older\\

Cover by: meeee

EmbraceLeCrazyness EmbraceLeCrazyness Nov 13, 2016
That's what people thought when our dad drove us to school in our new Mercedes-Benzs. Since it is G63 some people STILL call me G63.
TheAmazingAnimeLover TheAmazingAnimeLover Sep 11, 2016
GASP! I didn't know that you made a travlyn FF! I LOVE IT! ^-^