His Only *Discontinued*

His Only *Discontinued*

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Izzy By LilyRose1000 Completed

He was feared. 
He was powerful
He was most definitely ruthless.
But he would sacrifice everything in a heartbeat if it meant keeping her safe. 

*   *   *

Dimitris, cold, ruthless, heartless and let's not forget a murderer.

Ivy, an innocent, naive, yet confident girl traveling to Greece to temporarily replace her gran at work which coincidentally, happens to be at Dimitris's house as another one of his maids. 

What happens when Dimitris can't help but find himself drawn to the sassy yet sweet girl he encounters each and everyday? Can Ivy break through the walls he spent so long building up around his heart? Can Dimitris finally find love? Is he even capable of loving?

Read to find out.

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TheLunaticAngel TheLunaticAngel Mar 11, 2017
Maybe her eyes changes colors? Wouldn't be shocked if they will be blue next
Moony925 Moony925 Mar 08, 2017
First of all he disrespected her first by getting in her personal space
otongia25 otongia25 Dec 20, 2017
Well.....that was quick 
                              I would say, it was love at first sight 😍
Moony925 Moony925 Mar 08, 2017
Okay how the fartness did he find her so fast? There are like 2 billion people in this earth. (not trying to be mean)
lostmyfucks lostmyfucks Oct 01, 2017
Have a seat 💺 
                              No have a couch  🛋
                              Better yet TAKE THE WHOLE FÜCKING FLOOR
*Dimitris looking at Ivy's boobs*
                              *Ivy snaps her fingers in Front of his face *
                              Ivy: "My eyes are here not there" 
                              She said pointing first at her eyes then boobs