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【 Rin 】| りん By MochiRinn Updated Apr 19

♤ Bangtan Sonyeodan aka Bangtan Boys One shots! ♤

♡ Just request! 

♡ Because they all want love from Reader-chan ;D

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Character: Jimin
                              Type: Lime
                              Scenario: Reader~chan is another kpop singer and met BTS for the first time. 
                              That’s all I can say.
Tae plz~
                              Lime if you know what that is? It's kinda halfway between fluff and smut
                              Reader is a female fan called Cai went to a concert and V took a special interest in her
                              Personality: just V's normal personality I guess
                              Thank~ 😊
Personality: Kind, Really scary if you get her mad, Knows Aegyo, Has Sense of humor.
visgret visgret Aug 18, 2016
Omg this is so exciting
                              Can I please request Jin x Reader?
                              Reader is oblivious and innocent
PanleafSmile PanleafSmile Aug 18, 2016
Oh Author-chan can you make Taehyung x Oc? İf you can please let me know.
Foxangle14 Foxangle14 Sep 30, 2016
Jimin my bias wrecker 
                              No plott line 
                              My personality: sweet caring and mmm sexy 
                              My bias wreaker personality: sexy