Crush x Reader One-Shots

Crush x Reader One-Shots

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CristalLucielle By CristalGamerWolf Updated 2 days ago

#25 (Short Stories) 12/23/16

Between the two main characters, You and your crush
every chapter has new stories which you feel within the story itself

Love, Fun, Happiness and above all... It has adventures and heartwarming love days. Although if you don't have one? you can pick your Bias or anyone you like 

So without further adieu guys! welcome to Crush x Reader One-Shots 

See ya guys around!! =

Started August 15, 2016

senpai_drawings senpai_drawings Dec 19, 2016
I'm picturing this going down at hogwarts!?😂 and it seems pretty lit
TheWeakest TheWeakest Dec 23, 2016
That's exactly what happened he changed his hairstyle over the summer
andengssi andengssi Dec 29, 2016
He called me skykar ._. Jungkook whyy. Waee. My name is haneul ._.
Visionairz Visionairz Jan 07
Me when I have homeroom coz he is SUPOSSED to be sitting next to me but we all just gradually shifted seats 
_cake_is_love_ _cake_is_love_ Dec 22, 2016
Lol my crush would never be this cheery. I wrote a smiley face on his paper during math class and he legit crossed it out and wrote "death"
                              I'm wondering why he's my crush