Magi: keeper of the red Rukh?

Magi: keeper of the red Rukh?

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Nanami By Nanami-sakamaki Updated Jun 11

When a young girl named Kyoku appears in Aladdin's dream she warns him of a pure evil and seeks his and his friends help. When Aladdin decides to have not only Sindria's help but the help of the Kou empire and Reim empire they make their way to the kingdom of Toro where it is there they meet the prince along with his two personal assistants. 

"Ah! Welcome young Magi! I see Kyoku was able to get your help in assisting us! Along with many of your friends!" 

"It's you!" 

"Welcome young Magi and friends. My name is Kyoku keeper of the red Rukh."

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L-32242 L-32242 Oct 30
Wtf?! She fears the two things most sane people fight for?! Da fuq?!
L-32242 L-32242 Oct 30
Can I just stab this biotch and get it over with? No? Ok, fine.... continue please
Nekowolf123 Nekowolf123 Aug 13, 2016
The princess is a bi #h😡 me no likey her but cant wait to read