Faded Memories (COMPLETED)

Faded Memories (COMPLETED)

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How can you move on if you keep running back to the past?

Sequel to the Shawn Mendes Fan Fiction Over

Make sure you've read Over before jumping here!

This is really good besides some of the grammar but it's okay I love it😂❤
Kasey_xii Kasey_xii 5 days ago
Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyy 😫😫😫😫 like couldn't that car hit Greyson and not her 😂
extragrier extragrier Feb 13
I swear If she lost her memory I will write you a strongly worded letter in your dms 🤔
AutumnChanceSutton AutumnChanceSutton Dec 29, 2016
You've got to be kidding me! I just read like 47 chapters of 'over' just to find out that she's with grey!?! She can have the hottest guy in the world, or the hottest guy in the  world who also loves muffins, and she chose answer 1)! She could have a bonus muffin lover and SHE CHOSE ANSWER 1)!?!