Shattered Confidence [ Book Two]

Shattered Confidence [ Book Two]

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When the plane landed the driver took me to my parents house- apartment-per my request. Caterina had told him to take me to specific places - like a clothing store so that i could get some peices, and a restaurant to get some food- but I needed to see my family. I was sure that my sister's would not care about seeing me but that my parents would cry and it would be a beautiful moment. They had to have missed me.

Atleast that's what I thought, until we got to the apartment and it was completely empty.

There were no noises, no people, and no furniture. I couldn't believe it. They had up and left in the matter of a few weeks and I had no idea where they had gone. I knew that with witness protection, if there was a possible threat, we could have been moved at any time.

Maybe I was the threat, when I decided to run off to Greece or England- whatever. 

My feelings were hurting, and my heart was thumping as I walked back out to the car. I had left Garland over seas probably thinki...

If yu can be bought lik that then yu really not the girl for him
HollyQueen2 HollyQueen2 Jan 18
Umm am I the only one starting to like Catarina but don't like her
TerriBryant TerriBryant Dec 30, 2015
is that Garland three mill or did she promise emma the same?   I love the story tho it's way different from what I'm use to ready it's good tho.... it's not predictable at alll
GlennoreWallace GlennoreWallace Nov 08, 2013
You are right I was looking for a happy ending even though i read some of the second to last chapter. like this so far please up date soon.
calmcoolcollected calmcoolcollected Oct 03, 2013
I like the start of this. im glad part 2 is up. she should have never left Garland, Caterina was jst bein muniplative. smh!
Iyanuua Iyanuua Sep 19, 2013
I can't wait for more chapters. Been waiting for soo long. Now it's finally here , yasss ! *Twerk*. But she shouldn't have left him though , but i guess she wasn't thinking. I just want and hope they get back together