My Cute Roomate

My Cute Roomate

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NaLuFoLyfe By NaLuFoLyfe Updated Mar 18

Natsu tries out a new college and finds out that hes actually rooming with a GIRL?!

He doesn't report it since he thinks it'd be fun to try it out. 

Will this go horribly wrong?

Or amazingly right?

(XD trying to do this story in Natsu's P.O.V. Instead of Lucys. Might not be very great but I'll try my hardest!)

Natsu is the only one who saw Lucy in her birthday suit, besides the girls
This is why mira the queen she knows a good ship even befor the ship meet them selfs
Oh no, Natsu. 
                              Rule number 1 of surviving your entire life alone:
                              If you ever hear anything like that from a pretty young lady with white hair, run like it's the last thing you'll do.
The room number should be 143 means..... I LOVE YOU!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! NALU SHALL SAIL!!!!
Antirac Antirac May 23
Funny... my german lessons are in room 108.
                              Germany is weird
I feel like she set this up
                              Weeks and weeks of planning