Younger than most (Spanking)

Younger than most (Spanking)

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tommo-the-tomlinson By tommo-the-tomlinson Updated Dec 02

Louis Tomlinson is too smart for his grade. He should be in eight grade but in stead is in 11th grade. He meets four other lads who learn to love the guy despite the age difference. The four lads are always keeping an eye on Louis and making sure he doesn't get in trouble. Louis' father and some times his uncle Simon, keep him in line when he disobeys by pulling him over his knee. 


Do your pants come with a dimmer switch?" I asked. The whole class laughed. 
"Does your mouth come with a mute button?" He responded. 
The class challenged me with 'Ooo's', I only laughed. 
"I like you kid," 

Contains Swearing, Spanking and Violence.
Don't like, don't read.

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