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Calvin Tae is a junior in high school. A regular, B-student, who just so happens to be known as Creep, or Creepy Calvin by everyone in his school. But, he also admits to it and doesn't shy away from being a weirdo-pervert every now and then. His hobbies include: gaming, bugging his best friend Yani, making terrible jokes, and the occasional gay porn browsing.

Calvin has committed some stupid antics in his life, but none were as stupid and consequential as taking an impulsive, secret photo of Eli Gateman--who just so happens to be one of the most intimidating delinquents in his school--nude and changing in the boys' lockeroom. 

All it took was one photo to practically turn his life upside down and make his high school experience MUCH more interesting. From social blackmail to getting "very close" with his candid photo victim, Calvin has just about been through it all. But just how much will be too much for him to handle? 


(Korean Translations Done By: @Nuuro_Kun)

[Warning(?): BoyxBoy content. Does get sexual. If it's too hot to handle, put down. Also, will be dealing with mature and sensitive content. To those affected negatively by any subject within this story, please watch cute animal videos instead or continue on reading with caution. Enjoy the story.~]

I kinda wish I was Asian so I could use that in my life...
                              My Example:
                              Teacher: You forgot you homework for the third time in a row!!!
                              Me: Please just gimme another chance!
                              Teacher: Gr... more chance.
                              Friend: How did you...
                              Me: It's the Asian Persuasion baby!
Teacher: So why did you pick this line!
                              Me: It represents my life SO well.
                              Teacher: In what way?
                              Me: DANK MEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMEEEEEZZZZZZ!!!!!
carn_evil carn_evil Aug 13
I made a friend that transferred to london from china and she said she had to go to school for 12 hours 😰
Congrats Calvin, you officially just jumped to my 3rd favourite original book character. XD
He looks like Wonwoo from seventeen if I'm wrong Imma be disappointed in myself
I can only imagine what he surfed the web for... -Insert Lenny face here-