Key To The Bonezone ~ Undertale Lemons ~

Key To The Bonezone ~ Undertale Lemons ~

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soul.exe is not responding By SoulEata999 Updated 3 days ago

Seems like you're gonna have a ton of fun. A skele-ton.

You already have a skeleton inside of you. Want another one?

I, personally, thought there wasn't enough smut in the world.
How, as people, are we supposed ta grow up if we don't even know what a lemon is?

And no, folks, not the lemons that squirt into your paper-cuts and give you hell, the lemons

That you're about to read.

((Dedicated to @ChanYandere_RP for the best lemons I've read in a while))

*Now taking requests! Just poop out the au, the character, and the scene ON THE REQUEST CHAPTER!*

((I mainly do Sans, hence the title, and some SwapFell and UnderFell, or UnderSwap :3))

Sin train and holy water anyone? *gestures to train and bottles of holy water*
Underlust!Sans x Neko!Reader
                              (So much sinnnss)