Dysfunctional Love

Dysfunctional Love

3.7K Reads 305 Votes 15 Part Story
Bri K. By Camiejean Completed

Maelynn James the unloved 

 Tyler Arthur  the loved 

                            Can you feel the difference 

I encourage you to read this magical journey ❤️

(A/n: A lot of picturs are in this book you WILL get the visual ❤️ Maelynn and Tyler will always be in first person so rather your a boy or girl, I want you to feel like your them)

Tysm for reading also comment & vote

Camiejean Camiejean Aug 24
Idk why your comment was reported as offensive but this is what happens when a boy keeps the girl he is seeing a secret 😩 @deeAHNdruh
When you making money boo, why you gonna let a man have you up at night? Money is bae💯💯💸💸
TIYE54 TIYE54 Sep 25
All  these girls look the same she pretty but she look the same as everyone else
Toya679 Toya679 Sep 21
Can you stop calling me kid? How about Bae...and you ain't getting nothin
Girl don't be offended but you look desperate, he has a girlfriend so why do that...🤗
How can you disown someone cause they wanna babe a brighter future? Tf🙄😶