He's Not Who You Thought He Was

He's Not Who You Thought He Was

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Siriein By Siriein Updated Feb 13

This is a KHR fanfic.

A pair of twin was born into this world. The older one Tsunayoshi. Younger one Takayoshi. One was abandoned and sold away. One was living peaceful and loving life. One grew up without parents. One was loved by both. -man I suck with these summaries anyways read it if you want click away if you don't - 
-Edit: BTW they also have another brother-

WARNING: PROFANITY WILL BE INCLUDED. And your author is sheitty.

animaniaclaver animaniaclaver Oct 02, 2016
Author you didn't make a mistake iemitsu is just his fake name his real name is shithead.
Siriein Siriein Sep 01, 2016
Haha I might update tomorrow o3o who knows -shrugs- or today if I finish my homework early~
LukaAvabel LukaAvabel Sep 14, 2016
*dark sinister aura appears* Imma go kill that b*stard, pile of sh*t and make sure he's going to die the painful way...