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This book will have . . .

☏ Explanations on what's going to be going on with this account and my works (why some stories may have been deleted)

☏ My story ideas/sneak peeks of new stories

☏ When updates will be up

☏ Possible upcoming books

aqsamkhan aqsamkhan Nov 27
K wth their about to get killed and the amount of times I've died laughing in the last 10 seconds is unbelievable
honestly why aren't your books made into movies and shows im
like that was the first time a book ever made my jaw drop and roll out a window into the street and into the gutters
aqsamkhan aqsamkhan Nov 27
I thought it was gonna b some kinda massive plot twist and I was getting ready for it and then I'm like.....
Heartixml Heartixml Nov 08
Okay first of all I am very hurt because my name is Olivia and I was looking forward to VG&B now I'm going to go cry
aqsamkhan aqsamkhan Nov 27
Just kill me I'm grinning like an idiot and asking myself wth this book even is...