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P͙O͙S͙S͙E͙S͙S͙I͙O͙N͙ ✔

P͙O͙S͙S͙E͙S͙S͙I͙O͙N͙ ✔

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4.a.m By NoShameAllowed Completed

"Listen, I want to fuck you so hard, you hear me? I'm going to fuck you everyday, and you're going to like it, too."
By this time he had me pinned to the wall, his warm breath heating up my whole body.
"What? No you're not. What makes you think that id let you?" I growl at him. 
Although, I do intend on playing hard to get.
"Those clothes do. They're almost begging me to rip them off of you.." His switched his positioning to where he had both of my wrists pinned to wall with one hand while the other tugged at the hem of my tank top.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK ON WATTPAD. It is not edited, will be soon, but it doesn't have the qualities of normal wattpad books, like the paragraphs, the notes, and obviously the grammar. I'm hoping there aren't too many grammar errors, but hopefully you'll be fine with it. 
This isn't a normal book about love or romance, but it does indeed have romance, at least, mostly at the end, tho. But this has MATURE CONTENT. Sex jokes, sex quotes, sex mentions, language, sex in general, kind of rape a little bit, and that's about it I think :P

Lets play a game called what it really said vs what I thought it said
                              What it said:after I got out I went downstairs ans grabbed a microwave dinner. Spaghetti sounded good anyways.
                              What I thought it said:After I got out I went downstairs and grabbed a microwave, home sounded good anyway.
When people talk, they need their own paragraph. The paragraphs probably shouldn't touch. Sorry if I sound annoying
She didn't bring up your brought up your brother
MarianneAngelaClavel MarianneAngelaClavel Sep 12, 2016
Ano bayan bat englush kaya tuloy yung ibang words d ko maintindihan
amytry95816 amytry95816 Sep 03, 2016
I flipped out like a crazy person whoop!  This book is great and it's only the first page!  XD
mizeji mizeji Sep 05, 2016
It was straight to the point, like u were cutting corners....I think the detail of every minute thing matters....well-done...I love it