The Other Side of Her (Mystreet fanfic)

The Other Side of Her (Mystreet fanfic)

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«Sequel to The New Neighbor»

I'm just having fun writing this fanfic, just like the other one!

I don't own any of the characters except Y/N, and I possibly will add some OC's in. And I don't own the songs or photos!!

LOL,I have a feeling about Zane's reaction,since he always wanted to be part of the shadow Knights!
*first reads title* Is this some kind of genderbent Johnny Ghost/ Jimmy Casket story? Cause if it is, AWESOME!!! *reads it again* Dangit....
This must be hard to write, to make sure everyone has a card and has someone who isn't there more than once.
I'm sorry but... I have no idea what secret Santa is can someone explain
Ok fiiinnneeee that's ok too I guess.
                              I still wanted it to be Travis though.