My Boyfriends Brother #wattys2017

My Boyfriends Brother #wattys2017

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hey_whats_up_hello13 By hey_whats_up_hello13 Updated Jul 29

"Well I'm dating your brother you ass!" I gritted as Adrian held my hands above me against the wall.

      "But you don't love him, do you?" He taunted. 

      "Yes I do." I said. 

      I loved Will, didn't I?

     Nicole wasn't the type of girl to fall for badboys.

      She wasn't the type to kiss her boyfriends brother.

     Hell, she didn't even go to parties before Adrian showed up.

     She was little miss good girl. Never stood up for herself, got all straight A's, read books all weekend, and never got in trouble.

     Until Adrian showed up. Cocky, charmer, womanizer, arrogant, and definitely a badboy.

     He could charm the pants off any girl, except Nicole.

     Nicole was dating Will though. Half brother of Adrian. And they sure didn't get along. Will, being nice, caring, gentle, a total gentlemen, and a definite charmer.

     She's torn between the two when Adrian shows back up in town after moving away with his mother for four years, as starts creating a whirlpool of emotions in Nicole.

     Can she live loving two boys that happen to be brothers, or she will she just have to break one of their hearts?

W.A.R.N.I.N.G!!!!! Lots of swear words in this book, and please don't, and I beg you, don't copy this book for any reason. I just sat down one day and decided I wanted to make a book like this, and I'm totally getting these ideas straight from my brain, so don't copy. 

        And, all characters, places, or anything off this book are completely  my ideas! If I have anything from anyone's books, or if it's something in real life, it's totally coincidental. Everything from this book is fictional. Any pictures of a personnel is straight from google, so I don't know who those people are. Dead or alive, it didn't say copyright. So Enjoy this book. Like and comment


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peace104 peace104 Aug 01
Nope cause your totally not a human therefore not makin you a person but an alien
hey_whats_up_hello13 hey_whats_up_hello13 Aug 13, 2016
Thank you! I plan on posting more ASAP! And I will check out your book.
bgirly16 bgirly16 Aug 13, 2016
Hey I really enjoyed your story! You should post more! You are really good! If you wouldn't mind checking out and commenting or voting on my book Firefly it'd mean a lot ☺️☺️❤️❤️