The Boxer's Kitten (hs au)

The Boxer's Kitten (hs au)

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all the love. x - e By mrbieberswifey Updated Oct 13

Harry Styles was known to be ruthless, merciless, and tough in the ring. He basically lived at the gym, always there, training and working hard to defeat his next opponent.

After being too old to stay at the orphanage, Harry was sent packing to live and survive on his own. Harry was smart, very smart actually, but since he never graduated school, he could never find a good job. So he resorted to what he knew and did best; fighting.

When Harry walked into the gym for the first time, his now trainer and coach, William Park, saw him and instantly knew he was a future champion. The dark look in his eyes and bulging muscles said it all. This kid would fight to win.

After hearing Harry's story is when he took him under his wing. Helping him train, renting out a second apartment for him to live in, giving him money whenever he needed some before he could earn money fighting. William basically became Harry's father that he never had.

After training for months, Harry had his first real match. He knocked out his opponent in a shocking six seconds, a new record in the history of the illegal, hidden fighter's club. He earned a whopping $40,000 that day. Harry became famous overnight, earning the nickname "The Knockout" which was also a play on his devilish good looks and his ability in the bedroom. Harry was known for his vicious fights and his fuckboy ways. No girl could ever catch his attention long enough to hold him down. He fucked them and dumped them. 

"Love is for idiots," he always thought. 

Until he saw her.

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smutxxt smutxxt Nov 29
Boy get your mind outta the gutter!! She needs help! *whacks with a rolled up news paper*
Slow down..grab the wall...
                              Gas 'petal'😂😂😂😂
I only read up to chapter 15 (I think) and stopped because I began reading a book series from BNN (lol all my money is gone now).
                              So much nostalgia #rr this
DijanaSykes DijanaSykes Sep 23
CAUSE YOU AND IIIIIIIII *trying to get Zayns hight note, but sounding like someone is killing a goat*
I've read two of your books already I don't think there's anything bad I can say about you
SimpleEm SimpleEm Nov 25
i’ve read this book so many times and the character development gets me SO GOOD every time