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[Complete] Marinette finds herself in a cold dark room one day, the rustling sounds of chains on her hands and feet.. Where was she?
   When suddenly, a voice in the shadows, makes chills rise up in Marinettes body..
She looked up at the green eyes, and saw that it was the criminal Chat Noir, everyone has been talking about..


And Marinette knows, she's going be in alot of pain..

Plagg, did he take him too? D-did he KILL him!?
                              I am the same with my cats. I never worry about stuff that happens to me just my 5 beautiful stubbon kitty cats.
You kinda just called him by his name duhhh 
                              Or his civilian name
Me:-_- OK you don't have to be walking back in the shadows you know 
                              Chat: but it's cool
                              Me: :/ no it's not
ωαѕи'т нє тнє ѕαмє вσι ωнσ тαℓкє∂ тσ нєя иι¢є. α fυ¢кιиg мιиυтє αgσ
Lol good job chat!!!! You did a great job to make this story " dramatic " (´⊙ω⊙`)
*sqeezes eyes shut* *dramatically sings* take it easy on me! Please have mercy on my heart!