Bully z.h

Bully z.h

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Carter Simmons By ziallfiles Updated Sep 05

[ziall; on hold]

You know how they say that if a boy bullies you it's because they have a crush on you?

Niall was new at school, he's a little different to the other kids. It was his first year of highschool as a junior.

Zayn's a senior, and he's a bit of an ass. He likes to pick on the smaller kids, but when he noticed Niall he didn't even hesitate to pin him to a locker

Niall had gone 4 months with Zayn hot on his heels, swearing at him, calling him names, taking his things, and beating him up

But one day, Zayn does something different and unexpected

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Sorry to burst your bubble Zen but um you're kinda in love with this fag soooo
cheesinx cheesinx Apr 14
plus that made no damn sense who gave you your insults? a politician?
sugamonjam sugamonjam Jul 24
I don't have crisps but I can give you these hands. Want some? Yeah I thought so. Fym
cheesinx cheesinx Apr 14
obviously he gay cause he's downing girls 💁🏼 you just outed yourself hunty
-UponZiall- -UponZiall- Aug 23
little-girly-girl little-girly-girl Dec 17, 2016
I honestly don't care about the name calling but as soon as a bitch tries to take my food they better square up