Falling For My Cousin ✔️ [EDITING]

Falling For My Cousin ✔️ [EDITING]

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_Mythology_Is_Life_ By _Mythology_Is_Life_ Updated Jun 13, 2015

Vacations are a time supposed to be a time to forget how hard your life is or what problems you have that could be forgotten. A time to change who you really are and be someone you really want to be. To do what you would never allow yourself to do at home. Put simply, it's a time to go fucking haywire and simply... let go. 

So I did. 

But maybe, just maybe, I had too many a couple drinks.

My name is Cassie, and I might've lost my virginity to my own cousin. 


This story is a complete unedited mess. If you wish to read it anyway, go ahead and read on. This is in the process of being edited very, very slowly as of now. I have been told it's a very interesting yet frustrating story so beware of that, too. Thank you. 9/04/15

lol_masound1 lol_masound1 Nov 12, 2016
It felt like she was having sex with a 20 year old man and she was like 19 by the look of it but very interesting
prettyshanshan prettyshanshan Jul 20, 2016
Please remove this comment to save my sanity, cause I'm just crazy for this story
shakira_lopez shakira_lopez Oct 05, 2016
Idk why I immediately thought he was 80 when she said he wasn't my age
SmuttyMatsu SmuttyMatsu Jul 21, 2016
There's literally a select few of people in wattpad who isnt here to read kinky stuff 👌🏻👌🏻
abusives abusives Jul 02, 2016
How did i get from reading a zombie book to a incest book what
julietbean julietbean Aug 14, 2016
i found it really interesting a bit tense but like a good tense