The Star Sanses! (Dream Sans X Reader)

The Star Sanses! (Dream Sans X Reader)

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Average. By FishyCactus Updated Oct 27

Nice house, nice name, nice timing to wake up, but not perfect, anyway. No one's perfect, especially you,


The only thing you need to know, is that your life is about to change.

In probably the worst way possible, to anyone else.

Although, you're different.


Credit to whoever tf made dat cover fam if I knew who I would say it down here. ;-;

lovlyjuvlygamer18 lovlyjuvlygamer18 6 days ago
WITH THE POWER OF BISKUTS I SHALL PUT A DOOR ON CHU!!! oh wait the door is already on him....... NEVERMIND!!!!!
I can see blue sitting on the door with a kawaii derpy face XD
FishyCactus FishyCactus Aug 13
This is like every single book's start lmao I'm sorry I'm not creative ;-;
Instead of chasing the poor person you give them 5 seconds by having a nice lil face painting you find at any carnivals that only 5 year olds should enjoy (No offense)
                              The master skeletons at work